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Vancouver Spider Control
to Stop Your Living Nightmares

Residents of Vancouver, Washington are proud of their city and they should be, it’s been voted not only the 10th Most Peaceful Metropolitan cities by The Atlantic but also the 12th Most Romantic Cities in the Nation by Peace and romance all in one beautiful city, can you get much better than that? There is one thing that can turn all those peaceful, romantical feelings into ones of terror, nightmares and fear. Spiders. The Urban Dictionary defines those who love spiders as “arachnophiles” but those people are literally 1 in millions because most people have have some degree of arachnophobia as it is one of the most common phobias affecting nearly 50% of women and 12% of men. Even if you are not one of the Americans afflicted by this paralyzing phobia, chances are you really don’t LOVE spiders, especially if they are crawling all over your house. Do you ever feel a tickle on your leg and jump because you think it’s a spider? When it’s not, you laugh at yourself for being so silly…until that moment when it’s NOT a spider! And then you jump up screaming like you are on fire. You do not have to suffer through this, a spider free home IS attainable!

How one spider turns into many

Spiders are unique creatures and when they are far from us, we might be able to admit this. They do us a great service in our ecosystem by controlling the fly and mosquito population so we can thank them for that at least, but spiders are meant to be outside.

Your house is especially attractive to them because it offers protection and many places to hide. If you have other pests living in your home too, that food is another bonus. All it takes is one female spider to sneak inside because, before long, she will lay her egg sac. Inside a spider’s egg sac are anywhere from 50 to 1,000 spiderlings. 1,000!!! Can you imagine it hatching and suddenly having 1,000 spiders? Fast forward to when those spiders mate and lay their own egg sacs. Better not think about that. It’s definitely time for some effective, professional Vancouver spider control. You cannot fight it alone, spiders are tough to get rid of but your friends at Pointe Pest Control are experts at spider removal so don’t suffer longer than you need to, we are here to help!


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The answer is year round spider control

One of the biggest tricks to a completely spider free home is year round spider control in Vancouver. Most homeowners notice spiders in the spring and summer. By fall, the arachnid encounters begin to diminish and in the winter, homeowners rejoice thinking, “They’re gone! Finally!” But the celebration is short lived because by spring, they are all back again. The reason is because many spiders either hibernate during the winter or die off, leaving behind their egg sac. So when you rejoice, thinking the spiders are all gone, they are actually replicating and growing into hundreds and hundreds of more spiders. You must have professionals treat your home regularly to attack all phases of spider life and stop any newly acquired in their tracks. This is vital for complete Vancouver spider control and you should never skip seasons as this can start the infestation over again. Just missing one spider is bad news.

Pointe Pest Control takes care so you don’t have to

DIY spider control is often extremely ineffective because it takes multiple approaches to remove spiders, some of which require no chemical measures at all. Our technicians know where to find egg sacs and remove all their sticky webs for you. You can rest a little easier knowing your spider problems and nightmares will soon be over. The average homeowner does not possess the knowledge on how to attack a full-blown spider infestation. The first reaction is to spray chemical everywhere but this is not only harmful to your health but ineffective for complete spider removal. Bring the peace and romance back into your home and kick the spiders to the curb with the help of Pointe Pest Control, we are happy to assist.