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No Stressing About Stings with
Vancouver Wasp Control

One of the beauties about Vancouver, Washington is its history and how well that has been preserved over the years. The Fort Vancouver Historic Site, Officer’s Row, the George C. Marshall House and Vancouver National Historic Reserve are just a few of many examples of the preserved history of the city. Touring these historic sites are not only fun for visitors but residents as well. Walking through the aforementioned sites, Ulysses S. Grant House or Academy House really help you feel pride about your city as your learn about the greatness that Vancouver has been a part of. Part of this great city, however are pests. In fact, aside from Antarctica, no other area on earth, no matter its greatness is immune to pests. Wasps are just one of the many different types of pests that can afflict your home. They make spending time outdoors rather miserable when you have the constant worry of them aggressively claiming your yard as their own. Gardening, barbecuing, quiet evenings on the porch or watching your kids play in the yard all become an impossibility when you have a wasp infestation. You may not even know where they are coming from, but if you notice a constant buzz of wasps around your yard, chances are they have built a nest nearby and it needs to be taken care of. Wasp control in Vancouver is necessary for every home.

The dangers of DIY Vancouver wasp control

As a homeowner, you’ve gotten used to taking control of things and there is a certain sense of pride you feel when you complete a task around your home. Many times home improvement projects mean a money savings and if done right, give you a feeling of accomplishment. DIY wasp control should not be one of those tasks you tackle alone however, and the reason being is that if done incorrectly, it can cost you pain, a hospital trip and a continued wasp infestation. There are many types of wasps, some solitary and some social. The social wasps that build hives together are especially dangers as many of these are quite aggressive, with a natural tendency to protect the hive at all costs. If you are seen as a threat, the pheromones they release signal the hive to attack until the threat has retreated. Unlike bees that sting once and then die, wasps can sting repeatedly, injecting a small amount of venom with each sting. The results can be catastrophic for even those not allergic to wasp stings. The body recognizes this as an attack and creates an immune response. The symptoms can be shallow breathing, dizziness, chest pain, headache, muscle aches, vomiting and much more. Emergency medical attention is required. This is not about independently conquering household projects. Somethings are best left to the professionals and that includes Vancouver wasp control.


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When you see a wasp nest…

If the increase of buzzing wasps in your yard has cause you to go on a hunt for where it’s coming from, just remember a few things when you find the nest. It is extremely important that you do not:

Burn the wasp nest: This may sound odd but most wasp nests are made of a gray papery substance so a common idea is to light it on fire thinking all wasps will die and the infestation will be gone, right? Not so. This paper is extremely flammable so not only is this dangerous to your property, leading to fire within your home when this burns out of control, but it does not kill the wasps. They escape and start new hives nearby soon enough.

Spray it with a hose: Water does not kill wasps. If it did, they’d die every time there was a rainstorm. The wasps recognize YOU as their attacker, not the water and will attack and sting you with everything they’ve got. Many people are stung each year trying to spray away wasp nests and it is very ineffective.

Knock it down: Whether with a stick or a bat, knocking down a wasp nest is extremely dangerous. If you are successful, the hive falls to the ground and in a total chaotic frenzy, the wasps can swarm their enemy, which is you, resulting in a serious situation of angry wasps. Never attempt to knock down a wasp nest.

Pointe Pest Control removes wasp nests fast

Our technicians have been removing wasp nests by the thousands for years. We know how to safely, calmly and effectively remove the nest without alerting the hive to danger. Our equipment is designed to do this without upsetting your yard and creating a panic within the hive. If you find a wasp nest on your property, in your attic or around your home, call us immediately to have it removed and for the best wasp control in Vancouver.