Beware Rodents Infest More Than Just Your Home

By November 30, 2017Rodents


With the holiday festivities surrounding so many weekends and the cheerful decor spilling into every corner of your house, there are so many reasons to love this time of year. It’s the season of giving, family, friends and joy. The last thing you want to think about or worse, discover in or around your home, are rodents. But sadly, fall and winter are the most dangerous seasons for rodent infestations. During the spring and summer, the weather is temperate enough that they can live and find food outside with ease, but once fall comes, their instincts kick in telling them it’s time to find shelter if they want to survive the winter. They become desperate and actively search for a place to take cover. Your home is an obvious choice, however, it’s not the only choice. There are a few other places rodents commonly infest that you may not be aware of.

A Rodents smorgasbord in your garage

Garages are perfect rodent shelters. First of all, they can often get away with squatting here longer than your home because it’s not a place you spend much time. They can easily get inside because the door to your garage opens and closes multiple times during the day. You might not notice them for a while. The garage is also a place that is easily cluttered. Among your vehicles, you store boxes and bins which are easily chewed through to be used as nesting material. These are perfect hiding places among the shelving, tools and vehicles. Some people keep pet food, birdseed as well as food storage in their garage. This is a bad idea as rodents are highly attracted to this. While you may focus on a rodent barrier in your home, it is essential to extend this barrier to your garage with professional rodent exclusion services. Your garage houses many expensive tools, machinery and valuables, the last thing you want are rodents damaging them.

Your shed is a perfect rodent hideaway

Similar to your garage, a rodent barrier should surround your shed. Sheds are not always sealed well and this creates the perfect opportunity for rodents to set up camp, reproduce quickly and create a family. Your shed protects them from the elements and often has plenty of material available for them to shred into a nice, warm nest. Maybe it might not have as many edibles as your garage, but they can get creative. Rodents are adept at surviving harsh circumstances and if they can wait out the winter in your shed, they will be happy campers. It’s a harsh reality for you once spring arrives and you find a dangerous infestation on your hands. Pointe Pest Control’s rodent exclusion services are a must. You cannot remove this infestation alone.

Their getaway car is YOUR vehicle

Cars are prime rodent infestation zones. They can have a perfect holiday there. It’s warm, it’s sheltered and hey, they just found your kids’ leftover french fries on the seat. Rodent vehicle infestations are common because this area usually has what they need. Even if you keep a fastidiously clean vehicle, that doesn’t mean they won’t find plenty to get into. Rodents can chew through wires, tear up fabric and upholstery as well as shred leather interior so they can create a soft, cozy nest for their young. They love under the hood, in the trunk or even under the running boards. And guess what, they can stay hidden when you drive. You may never know they are there. Setting up a rodent barrier of protection in your vehicle will prevent damage to your car.

Pointe Pest Control’s rodent exclusion services are a must

The last thing you want while you are baking holiday cookies in your kitchen or driving around to view the seasonal lights is for a rodent to pop out and scare you. Soon your cheer turns to humbug and you worry there are more. Where there is one rodent, 99.9% of the time, there are always more. Do not fret a second longer, call Pointe Pest Control to protect your home, garage, shed and vehicles from expensive and hazardous damage and disease. We remove the infestations fast and with little worry to you. Keep your holidays burning bright and rodent free this season, call us today!