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Boxelder Bugs on the Move

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As it gets colder outside, you may notice an increase of a certain black and red or orange beetle. Yes, the boxelder bug. They are about ½ an inch long with distinctive markings, including 3 orange stripes on their abdomen. These insects absolutely detest the cold. Your home provides that…

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Spokane Spiders in the Fall

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After a scorching summer, fall is a welcome relief with its cooler temps and beautiful colors. The approaching fall holidays are enjoyable to prepare and decorate for, making the season a cozy one in both climate and festivities. As you are enjoying the changing season however, there is one particular…

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Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bugs, Your Worst Nightmare

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Bed bugs are on the rise. Did you know that you can find them in just about every place where you find people? That means hotels, hospitals, homes, offices, schools, stores and even public transportation. Bed bugs attack you while you sleep and leave you an itchy welt as a...
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FAQs and Facts About Earwigs

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Earwigs are one of the creepiest looking insects on the planet. This is a commonly shared opinion and that is reflected by the numerous sci-fi movies or TV shows where either the monster is patterned after an earwig or earwigs were the actual monster, eating people’s brains. Let’s quickly debunk…

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ant infestations

Why Do Ants Love My House?

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It happens every year. You strive desperately to claim your house as your own as ants relentlessly swarm your kitchen, bathrooms and more. Just when you think maybe you have conquered the problem, a crumb gets left out and they’re back with a vengeance. No matter how much ant killer…

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Happy fathers day

Fatherly Insect Fathers

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With Father’s Day on the horizon, our thoughts turn to the amazing men that stood as examples of strength and comfort in our lives. Good fathers are the ones that sacrifice their time and talents to help us become the people we are today. The influence of a loving Dad…

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