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Blog: What’s the POINTE?

Blog: What’s the POINTE?

Bloody Biting Bugs

Posted on November 18th, by niftyadmin in Bedbugs. Comments Off on Bloody Biting Bugs

If you think you can hide, you can’t. Bed bug numbers are increasing throughout America. If you thought they could only be found in rundown motels, think again. They have spread to homes, offices, movie theaters, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals even public transportation. The chances that you will come into contact with an insect blood sucker have never been higher.

What makes them a big problem?

Super Hitchhikers: Bed bugs spread because they love hitching rides on clothing, purses, and luggage. Their flattened body shape allows them to hide in small spaces. You might be transporting bed bugs and never know until it’s too late.

No Food, No problem: You might think you if you have an infestation, you can go spend the week at your relatives. If you aren’t home, bed bugs will die from starvation, right? Nothing could be … Read More »

It’s Getting Cold. They Want Inside.

Posted on October 28th, by niftyadmin in Misc/Other, Rodents, Spiders. Comments Off on It’s Getting Cold. They Want Inside.

Spokane, Washington is a feast for the eyes with the Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane Falls, and Mount Spokane State Park. These are beautiful options for a weekend or day trip among nature. As the seasons change, the splendid sights of Spokane only increase in beauty. But even for the most enthusiastic nature and outdoors lover, even they don’t like nature waltzing into their homes to take up residence and neither do you. It’s one thing to admire a beautiful spider in its web or appreciate a vast ant hill, but it’s an entirely different thing to allow these exquisite pieces of nature to sleep next to you. That simply will not do.

Pointe Pest Control appreciates nature too so we only use the most environmentally friendly methods to remove infestations from your home. And as the months grow … Read More »

Trick them, don’t treat them!

Posted on October 20th, by niftyadmin in Spiders. Comments Off on Trick them, don’t treat them!

With the vanishing summer warmth and the approaching cooler, fall months, everyone gets ready for the fun holidays to begin such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. People decorate their homes with spooky things, kids plan their Halloween costumes and haunted houses open up everywhere. It’s easy to get sucked into the creepy spirit of spiders, witches and pumpkins popping up everywhere but the last thing you want is a real house of haunting spiders lurking around every corner. However, that is exactly what happens in the fall months as the weather turns chilly. Spiders seek warmth and protection, more specifically, a safe, cozy place to place their egg sac until it hatches in spring. Your home has all the necessities they need and they will stop at nothing to get inside. They won’t bother knocking and yelling “Trick-or-Treat!” either, they’ll just … Read More »

When the Rodents Come Scratching

Posted on September 28th, by niftyadmin in Rodents. Comments Off on When the Rodents Come Scratching

Your home is one of your greatest investments and every year homeowners go to great lengths to protect their home from burglaries, fire, natural disasters and flooding. Buying special insurance, security systems and safeguarding against fire and flood helps to ensure that your home will be safe if ill harm comes your way. But wait—what about pests? This type of preparation is often overlooked. What can a little spider or ant do? This is where homeowners are mistaken. Pests may be small but in great numbers, they can do as much damage in monetary value as some natural disasters. Protecting your home from pests, especially rodents, is vital.

How they get in

You might look at your house and think, “Mice and rats are big. I can understand a little ant getting in, but there are no openings large enough for a … Read More »

Bed Bugs At The Office

Posted on September 18th, by niftyadmin in Bedbugs. Comments Off on Bed Bugs At The Office

Are your employees complaining about itchy bite marks? Are those bites occurring at work? If the answer is yes you might have an infestation of bed bugs. Before you try to say that bed bugs are a “bedroom” problem, think again. With bed bugs on the rise throughout America, homes and hotels are not the only places you will find these hungry insects. Bed bugs are spreading to just about everywhere. You can find them in hospitals, stores, the doctor’s office, and public transportation. If you think that was bad, it gets worse. According to recent study by the National Pest Management Association, that 45% of professional pest companies have fought bed bugs in office buildings. That means that nearly half of all pest control companies have been called to eliminate bed bugs at the work place.

I think my … Read More »

A Little Bit of Ingenuity Goes a Long Way

Posted on August 14th, by niftyadmin in Ants. Comments Off on A Little Bit of Ingenuity Goes a Long Way

If you have ants wandering around on your table or marching in lines across kitchen floor, you know you have an ant infestation situation. Killing the little invaders with the vacuum might make you feel a fiery vengeance, yet deep down you know that when you turn off the vacuum, more ants will arrive.

Before you pull out your hair, your friends at Pointe Pest Control have a few home remedies that can help.

Boiling Water: Do not use this one in your home. If you have ant colonies outside that are close your home, they could be the source of the invasion. Bring water to a boil and pour it down the entrance to the ant hill. Use caution, boiling water will kill desirable plants and if the water is hot enough to kill ants; it is hot enough to … Read More »

Is it a Nice Honey Bee or a Killer Wasp?

Posted on August 6th, by niftyadmin in Wasps & Yellowjackets. Comments Off on Is it a Nice Honey Bee or a Killer Wasp?

When you’re outside in your yard and hear a buzzing and see a stinger, it’s easy to classify anything with those two traits as a bee. These poor bees are often sorely misjudged. Mistaking an aggressive wasp with a peaceful honey bee is akin to mixing up a gorilla with a human. To our eyes, something that small and far away often looks very similar to one another but upon closer inspection, they are actually quite different. Each creature is distinctive in their own way and below are a few identifiers that will help you tell an immediate difference.

Wasp vs. Bee

In temperament, wasps are more aggressive than bees. Unless bothered or threatened, bees rarely “charge” humans while wasps get annoyed fairly easily and if angered, they will attack and repeatedly sting. Bees have shorter, fat legs while wasps have … Read More »

Speaking on Business, Featuring Jacob Borg

Posted on July 21st, by niftyadmin in Misc/Other. Comments Off on Speaking on Business, Featuring Jacob Borg

Listen to Zions Bank “Speaking on Business” – Featuring Pointe Pest Control & owner Jacob Borg

Click below to listen to the audio.


Three Scholarships Awarded

Posted on July 16th, by niftyadmin in Misc/Other. Comments Off on Three Scholarships Awarded

Pointe Pest Control has awarded three scholarships to outstanding students in Washington, Idaho and Oregon for the 2014-2015 school year.

2015 is the inaugural year for the Pointe Pest Control Scholarship Program. “At Pointe Pest Control we believe in giving back to the communities we serve and this is just one of the ways we can accomplish our mission;” said Jacob Borg, President of Pointe Pest Control.
Scholars were selected based on academics, scholastic achievements, extra curricular activities and financial need. Scholars received a check for $750 to use as needed for their college expenses.

The winners are:

• For Idaho: Amanda Westlake of Post Falls High School.
• For Oregon: Holly Duvall of South Salem High School.
• For Washington: Spencer Jensen of Central Valley High School.

Amanda Westlake

Throughout her academic journey, Amanda enrolled in several honors level courses and in every case exceeded expectations. In … Read More »

Scurrying Around Your Kitchen Floor?

Posted on July 15th, by niftyadmin in Rodents. Comments Off on Scurrying Around Your Kitchen Floor?

If you have rodents scurrying around your kitchen floor, you might be looking for a way to escape your furry kitchen from hell. What better place to take your family than a boat tour down Hells Canyon. Taking a day trip with your family might help you forget the gnawing menace you left in your home, but eventually you will have to address the problem. When you want rodent control done right, leave it to the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. We are the Clarkston Pest Control solution.

Revolting Rodents

Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control, that little ball of fur inside your home can transmit over 25 different diseases? Mice can give you terrible sicknesses, like Hantavirus. They also defecate whenever they get into your food. Rats are no better. Their powerful jaws can cut … Read More »

Mice and Rats Are Built to Destroy

Posted on July 6th, by niftyadmin in Rodents. Comments Off on Mice and Rats Are Built to Destroy

If your home is over run with mice or rats, you might want to take your family on a trip to the Gilbert House Children’s Museum. There you will be able to forget gnawing rodents while you watch your children play and explore. While watching, you can solve the rodent problem at home with a phone call to Pointe Pest Control. When it comes to mice and rat eradication, we are the Salem solution to rodent control.

Protect your home and Health

Mice and rats are built to destroy. They consistently gnaw and chew on everything. Your walls, furniture, and food are at risk. When mice get in your walls, or rats infest you attic, they love to chew on electrical wiring. Their sharp teeth can easily puncture through the soft metal. Once there is a gap in the wiring, the … Read More »

The Eight Legged, Fang Wielding Menace

Posted on June 11th, by niftyadmin in Spiders. No Comments

Spiders. The very word brings images to your mind of an eight legged, fang wielding menace. When spiders are outside, away from your home, they aren’t a big deal. Spiders are great for eating disease carrying insects like mosquitoes and flies. Unfortunately, there are some spiders that love to be in and around your home as much as you. Some, like the garden spider are not a threat and love to make their large spiral orb webs in your vegetable or rose garden. Others, like the Bold Jumper jumping spider can be fascinating to watch and might accidentally wander into your home. There are a few types of spiders, like the black widow that pack toxic poisons within their fangs. No matter what type of spider is invading your home, Pointe Pest Control can eliminate the eight legged threat.

The … Read More »

Bed Bug Control: Time to take out the Bed Bugs

Posted on May 11th, by niftyadmin in Bedbugs. No Comments

Though you might think bed bugs are limited to mattresses and box springs, you are wrong. If you associate bed bugs as a hotel and motel problem, you are wrong. Bed bugs have been found in restaurants, movie theaters, office buildings, hospitals, even waiting rooms. The last think you want as a business owner is to have an outbreak of bed bugs. If your customers and employees are getting bit, you need to call in the expert bed bug eradication specialists with Pointe Pest Control.

Crouching Bed bug hidden problem

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They grab onto peoples clothing, computer cases, or purses and hitch a ride. Once they arrive to your business, it won’t take long to become a problem. Unfortunately, bed bugs like to hide. Problems often go unnoticed until their numbers have increased to dreadful numbers. They come out … Read More »

Let us wasp away your troubles in Salem!

Posted on May 4th, by niftyadmin in Wasps & Yellowjackets. No Comments

Salem, Oregon is nicknamed “Cherry City” because of its strong agricultural influence and impact on the cherry growing industry. Those with any kind of fruit trees, cherry trees included, know that wasps love feasting on delicious, sweet fruit. This can pose quite a problem for you if you have any kind of fruit trees in your yard. Wasps love that sugary, ripe juice, especially once the fruit has fallen from the tree. Maintaining the ground around fruit trees will make wasps less likely to swarm but of course it won’t stop them altogether. A wasp infestation is possible if you have fruit trees nearby so calling your experienced pest control technician to keep your yard wasp free.

Protect your home and family

Unlike honey bees who can only sting once and then they die, a wasp can sting you over and … Read More »

Ants Will Soon Be After Your Food

Posted on April 7th, by niftyadmin in Ants. No Comments

From the sandwich you eat for lunch to the ice cream you have for dessert, everything you enjoy eating is also a favorite food of ants. They march across your kitchen floor, finding crumbs too small for your broom to notice. They can climb up tables and cabinets. The sole purpose of an ant is to find enough food to feed thousands of hungry mouths. Many species love the same temperatures that make your home enjoyable. That means they will soon be after your food.

Destructive Denizens

Though most ants throughout Idaho, Washington and Oregon prefer to live outside, there are a few that would love to move in with you. One such species is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are sneaky. They prefer rotting wood in which to build their nests, yet their powerful mandibles can chew through sound lumber … Read More »

Rodent Invaders of the Furry Kind

Posted on March 13th, by niftyadmin in Rodents. No Comments

Your home is full of comforts. You keep it at a nice even temperature and stock it full of food. The same reasons that make your house a home are why rodent invaders are looking for a way inside. If you look around your home and notice gnaw marks on the food containers in your pantry, you might have mice. If you hear squeaks and shuffling in your attic when you are trying to sleep, you might have roof rats. The invasion doesn’t always have to be inside your home, if you look out and see mounds and holes throughout your grass, you might have voles. When you want to win the battle against furry invaders, professional rodent control from Pointe Pest Control is your solution.

Why Rodent Control?

Living with rodents can damage your health and home. Rodents carry diseases. From … Read More »

The Eight Legged Menace

Posted on March 6th, by niftyadmin in Spiders. No Comments

They creep, they crawl and they bite. You love your home because it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Those are the very reasons that spiders love your home too. Some spiders enjoy dark damp areas and can be found in your basement or crawl space. Others prefer dry areas and make a home in your heat vents, under your cupboards or behind electrical outlets. Though not all spiders are poisonous, all of them can bite if you disturb them.

Don’t mess with these spiders

If spiders stayed away from people, they wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, the areas in and around your home gives them a perfect place to find an insect dinner. There are several spiders that are more dangerous than your common garden spider. Black widows are a real threat. Though they are shy … Read More »

Bothersome Bed Bugs

Posted on February 18th, by Pointe Pest in Bedbugs. No Comments

When you think of bed bugs, you might experience shivers of distaste. The image of dirty homes and seedy motels might come into your mind. That might have been true decades ago, yet bed bugs are not attracted to filth. You can find them in five star hotels and homes clean enough to make you mother blush. For a bed bug inside your home, there is one item on the menu and it is you.

You won’t have to worry about disease transmission, yet you could begin to suffer from serious bouts of insomnia. The idea of hundreds of six legged insects feeding on you each night is enough to make anyone hate going to bed.

5 Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

1. Bite marks. You may never see a bed bug. They come out at night while you sleep, numb … Read More »

Keep Rodents Under Control

Posted on February 4th, by Pointe Pest in Rodents. No Comments

Of all the nasty critters that can infest your home, there are few things that can match the destructive powers of rodents. You might not be aware that your home is under attack until you are standing on a chair screaming, looking for the nearest broom, or insulting your lazy cat for not doing its job. If you are tired of seeing balls of fur scamper through your home, there is a solution. Pointe Pest Control is your professional answer to any rodent infestation.

The Risk of Rodents

Mice chew into your furniture for nesting material and get into your food. When rodents find a food source, they defecate and urinate to mark it as their own. Your cereal will soon be swimming with little brown bits of feces. Rats take destruction to a new level. If rats get into your attic, … Read More »

Year Round Rodent War

Posted on July 28th, by Pointe Pest in Rodents. No Comments

Rats and mice. People shiver in disgust at even the thought of a rodent. If you see one in your house, disgust turns to panic. According to the Center for Disease Control, rats and mice can directly transmit eleven diseases to people. That means there are eleven nasty diseases ready to invade your body if you touch surfaces or food contaminated by Mortimer Mouse. It gets worse. Rodents carry ticks, fleas, and mites. When these insects lose track of their primary host, they’ll come looking for the next juicy target. This type of contact is referred to as indirect. You can add on another fifteen diseases because of indirect transmission. With twenty-six illnesses lurking, your family’s health is in peril.

If you have an infestation in or around your home, take a deep breath and get ready to declare war. Timing … Read More »

How to Steer Clear of Hantavirus

Posted on July 7th, by Pointe Pest in Rodents. No Comments

Hantavirus is a scary disease spread by mice and other rodents. Early symptoms include; fatigue, fever, and pain in the large muscles of the legs and back. Sometimes patients will also experience chills, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, yet these symptoms only occur half of the time. Real trouble starts in four to ten days. Your lungs begin to fill with fluid and each breath feels as if it’s taken through a pillow. Death occurs in 38% of cases.

How is the virus spread to humans?

Wherever mice go, their pee and poop are sure to follow. The virus is found in their droppings. When people sweep areas laden with urine and feces, hantavirus becomes airborne. The free-floating disease is soon breathed into the lungs and infection begins.

Eliminating hantavirus hotspots

Before you think about moving to a place that doesn’t have mice, just remember … Read More »

Keep that Stinger to Yourself

Posted on June 13th, by Pointe Pest in Wasps & Yellowjackets. No Comments

Ouch! What stung me? It’s not the easiest question for a parent to answer. From wasps to hornets, there are a lot of insects just waiting to unleash a stinger. Telling them apart can be important, as you look for remedies for stings and infestations. Each type has subtle differences and after a quick perusal you should be able to answer the question with the following information.

If it isn’t a bee, it’s a wasp. There are an estimated 20,000 different types of wasp. From black to metallic green, they come in every color and shape. Many are beneficial and consume pest bugs and grubs that destroy food crops. Like the tarantula wasp, many varieties are solitary and attack a specific creature in which to lay eggs. Other wasps are parasitoids and lay eggs in caterpillars. The larvae take control of … Read More »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted on June 1st, by Pointe Pest in Uncategorized. No Comments

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, stars a group of three diverse characters, each with their own particular traits. The first is a handy with a weapon and rarely speaks. The second is pure evil, while the third is just as the title says… ugly. It might sound like a movie, yet these three critters aren’t found on the big screen. They are coming to a yard near you.

The Good
Able to use camouflage, the assassin bug is an efficient killer and maybe Clint Eastwood wouldn’t mind the comparison. Referred to as the Masked Hunter, the assassin bug is a predator of other insects. Nothing on six legs is safe. In order to strike its victims the hunter will cover itself with debris and vegetation and quietly wait. Its weapon of choice is a long needle like beak, used to … Read More »

What One Cockroach in the Kitchen Means

Posted on May 19th, by Pointe Pest in Misc/Other. No Comments

Flip the lights on and off they run. Their little caramel exoskeletons zip across floors looking for the nearest patch of darkness. Cockroaches thrive in the temperatures that we humans enjoy. Meaning, our homes are the perfect year-round environment. Not to mention a fantastic source for food. Roaches will eat everything we enjoy and hundreds of other items as well. Crumbs, pet food, leather, hair, soap, glue, feathers, the left over toothpaste on your brush, everything is on the menu.

Should you be worried if you find one?
Where there’s one, hundreds more lurk under furniture and appliances, even inside your walls. Dead space between wall studs make a perfect hiding place and all your electrical outlets act as miniature doorways. Pest roaches are photophobic, light makes them seek darkness. The only way you’ll ever see a loan roach is when their … Read More »


Posted on May 16th, by Pointe Pest in Misc/Other. No Comments

Some of you may be wondering what the big idea is. We come, we spray, but the bugs are still EVERYWHERE!!! The answer is spring.
I’m sure most of us remember when we were kids, and Bambi taught us a thing or two about ‘that’ time in the spring when everybody starts acting funny:

Flower: (two birds flutter around) Well! What’s the matter with them?
Thumper: Why are they acting that way?
Friend Owl: Why, don’t you know? They’re twitterpated.
Flower, Thumper, Bambi: Twitterpated…?
Friend owl: Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. For example: you’re walking along, minding your own business. You’re looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of a sudden you run smack into a pretty face. Woo-woo! You begin to get weak in the knees. Your head’s in a whirl. And then you feel light as … Read More »

When Do It Yourself, Isn’t the Best Idea

Posted on May 13th, by Pointe Pest in Misc/Other. No Comments

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest and you’ll be able to find Do It Yourself (DIY) instructions from bathroom remodels to refinishing furniture. A few words typed into a search engine can change an ineffective fellow into a handy man. As amazing as DIY projects can be, there are instances when it changes from amazing to abysmal. Numerous tragedies have been recorded in local newspapers dealing with the misuse of pest control products, often by home owners. Below, you’ll find a list of reasons why applying pest control products should be left to the professionals.

Pest Control Products are Engineered Kill
Whether it’s for the cockroaches eating your food or the dandelions infesting the yard, pesticides are designed to kill. Misapplications can annihilate your favorite rose bushes or even send you and your neighbor to the hospital. Worse, it could end in … Read More »

Subterranean Termites: The Name Says It All

Posted on April 14th, by Pointe Pest in Termites. No Comments

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina cut a wide swath of ruin and heartache through New Orleans. Causing over 81 billion dollars in damage, Katrina was the most expense natural disaster in United States history. When we think of natural disasters, terrible images come to mind like earthquakes and hurricanes, but not all destructive forces are so massive. Something smaller than a dime costs homeowners billions of dollars every year.

Meet the subterranean termite. Their name tells you that they sneak into your home through underground tunnels and dried mud tubes. Though they prefer areas of high humidity, they can be found throughout the United States except for Alaska. The standard termite worker has powerful scissor-like jaws that can shear through wood and anything else that contains cellulose.

Big teeth aren’t the only problem. Unlike other types of termite, the colonies of the subterranean variety are … Read More »

What Happens if I’m Bitten by a Black Widow?

Posted on April 14th, by Pointe Pest in Spiders. No Comments

It’s April, folks! Time to dust off the old gardening gloves for the first time this year and plant some new life. You find them right where you put them, hung up in the shed. You begin to slip them on, when all your fears are realized, and you feel a visitor inside the right index finger of the glove. Instantly, you scream, fling the glove and a little black and red spider crawls out to see what all of the hubbub is about. You ignore your heebie- jeebies and check your finger. Initially there is no sign of foul play, but within the next 30-40 minutes, you know something is definitely wrong. You cringe with discomfort as your mind begins reeling, trying feebly to remember what to do in the event of a black widow bite.

Let’s get one thing … Read More »

Can Ants Really Ruin My Pavement?

Posted on April 9th, by Pointe Pest in Ants. No Comments

Bedbugs ruin a good night’s sleep. Termites destroy the wood in a perfectly good home. Carpet beetles chew up our furniture. Rats spoil food. We live in a world that is full of pests and it seems like anything we hold dear has an insect or rodent that is dedicated to spoiling it. So what about pavement? Is there something out there that is going to destroy our driveway and wreck our walkways?

Meet the Pavement Ant

Take a walk outside in the summer and you’ll see a swarming, writhing, shifting pool of blackness on the edges of sidewalks and driveways. If you take a closer look you will see that the mass is composed of hundreds if not thousands of little black ants. Pavements ants make their nests under cement slabs, rock and paver stones. Cone shaped piles of dirt in … Read More »

Are Carpenter Ants Active During the Winter?

Posted on March 17th, by Pointe Pest in Ants. No Comments

Are Carpenter Ants Active During the Winter?

When it’s cold outside there are few things as tasty as a big steaming cup of frothy hot chocolate. On the flip side, there are few things as a nasty as reaching for that hot cocoa tin and finding a pile of wood shavings and dead insect carcasses. You might be looking at a Carpenter Ant garbage pile inside of your kitchen cupboard.

Wait, what’s a Carpenter Ant?

Carpenter ants are large. Some species can be as long an inch, which is as about as long as the tip of your index finger to the first joint. There are many different species of Carpenter Ant and they can be found nearly worldwide. They generally form nests in damp and rotting wood, but can easily tunnel into sound lumber. Unlike termites, Carpenter Ants do not consume wood, … Read More »

How to Keep Your Travel Life Bedbug Free

Posted on March 4th, by Pointe Pest in Bedbugs. No Comments

In the darkness they wait for their host to silently slip into sleep. They crawl from their hiding places, pierce flesh and suck the blood of their victims. Before the prey awakes, they slink away to wait for the next feeding. You might think this is a summary of a vampire novel and that assumption is not far from the truth.

Bedbugs feed exclusively on blood and their numbers are on the rise. Since 2004, calls for infestation removals have increased 71%. Due to the bedbug’s ability to become resistant to chemicals, the cost of eradication is also increasing. If you frequently travel, there is a high risk of bringing the little blood suckers home. Though they don’t transmit disease, their bites can cause rashes and psychological effects. Imagine knowing that each night your blood will be consumed by hundreds of … Read More »

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