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Motherly Insect Mothers

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As Mother’s Day approaches, our hearts turn fondly to the sweet mothers in our lives. They are kind, selfless, sacrificing and were the ones who nurtured us into the successful adults we are today. But did you know that many insects have these same values? We always talk about how…

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The Spider Quiz

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You’re calmly relaxing at home when suddenly you hear a bloodcurdling scream coming from the next room, only to find your child panicking at the sight of a gigantic spider. This scenario could very well be replicated with your wife or yourself however since fear of spiders is one of…

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Box Elder Bugs

411 about Box Elder Bugs

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If you see a black and red oval shaped insect with black wings, chances are, you are looking at a boxelder bug. Sometime you might find hundreds to thousands on the southern side of your home, basking in the fall sunlight. They might look frightening with their red eyes and…

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Risky Rodents

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If you have ever seen a rodent in your Spokane home, you know the myriad of emotions that play through your mind. Fear, disgust, concern, irritation, and anger are common feelings when confronted with a furry menace. If you want to feel comfortable in your home, it is time for…

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