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By January 29, 2016Misc/Other

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the explosion of red and pink in store aisles is hard to miss. Stuffed animals, flowers and chocolate galore are bursting from the shelves so it’s time to think about what you’ll get the special people in your life. Chocolate specifically is one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts and on average 48 million pounds of chocolate is sold on this happy love day. But why get your special someone another box of the same, ol’ boring chocolates? Why not spice it up this Valentine’s with something more interesting, unique and exotic? Can you guess where Pointe Pest Control is going with this one? That’s right, chocolate covered BUGS! It might sound absolutely disgusting but you may be surprised. First of all, when prepared right, insects are quite delicious. With a nutty, salty and sometimes smoky taste, insects are a great snack, high in protein and very underrated. And let’s face it, anything slathered in chocolate is delicious.

For your sweet honey this Valentine’s Day, here are some creative and exotic chocolate insects that actually taste good!

Chocolate covered crickets

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That smoky flavor mixed with chocolate is a rare and surprisingly delicious tastes. The crunch with the smooth chocolatey texture is definitely a treat!

Giant chocolate ants

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These gigantic ants covered in chocolate are hardly noticeable in the chocolate shell but don’t you feel cool saying you just ate a pile of ants? Eating these is more of an experience.

Chocolate scorpions

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These treats are not for the faint of heart simply because they are a little scary looking. Don’t worry though, they’re not poisonous and you might be surprised by how much you enjoy eating one.


Are you terrified of spiders? Well, conquer your fear by dousing one in chocolate and barbarically chomping off one leg at a time! Take precautions who you give this love day treat to because chocolate covered tarantulas though tasty are a bit scary looking.

Grubby chocolate

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Chocolate covered worms or grubs sound a little icky, but these are chock full of protein. That takes all the guilt away when you combine something healthy with something sweet, right?

Pointe Pest Control wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day, however you wish to celebrate it. If you don’t want to eat your insects and would rather have us come take care of them, give us a call today. We are your professional experts for all things pest control and look forward to assisting you with a pest free home.