Pointe Pest Control Scholarship Winners Announced!

By August 9, 2021Media & News

Pointe Pest Control is delighted to reveal the winners of this year’s scholarship competition: Ethan Miller, Aishwarya Grandhe, and Jessica Gorman. As a community partner dedicated to expanding opportunities for the youth in our localities, we couldn’t be prouder of these three young people!

Purpose and Criteria

The idea behind this scholarship is simple: we at Pointe Pest Control seek to give a leg up to promising young people who are committed to spreading goodwill as they march into the future. A key component of the application process is the applicant’s experience in good works in their own communities. In other words, we’re looking for the applicant’s desire and familiarity with a pay-it-forward mindset. Out of many deserving applicants, these three were the best of the bunch!

Ethan Miller

Washington Scholarship Winner

Ethan is headed to Ellsworth Community College in Idaho, where he hopes to study physical therapy. His experience on the Post Falls High School wrestling team likely gave him a bit of experience with the aches and pains he soon hopes to be treating in others. His good deed centered around thanking a youth group leader for time and guidance by delivering a thoughtful gift basket.

Aishwarya Grandhe

Oregon Scholarship Winner

As a crisis line volunteer, Oregon’s Aishwarya has had the opportunity to support teens across the globe who struggle with abuse, thoughts of suicide, and other mental health issues. In addition to providing callers with coping skills that can be incorporated immediately, she points them to resources and helps them develop plans for self-care. Beyond this, Aishwarya has worked to make the Youthline more equitable through outreach and legislative efforts. She hopes to earn a BS in Public Health from George Washington University.

Jessica Gorman

Idaho Scholarship Winner

Jessica couldn’t bear to think about kids who normally received free lunches during the school year going hungry during spring break. Solution: she wrote a grant to purchase foodstuffs, held food drives at her own school, and gathered classmates to deliver 60-80 bags of food to needy families in the community. The first year was so successful that she’s continued the program—called the Yummy Tummy Project– every year since 2013! Jessica will be attending Washington State University in the hopes of becoming a veterinary assistant in the future.

Paying it Forward

The pride that we at Pointe Pest Control feel is surpassed only by the hope for the future these young people instill. They are truly exemplars of the character and pay-it-forward spirit we believe in.

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