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Hood River Wasp Control

Safe and Affective Wasps Control

If you asked most people what their least favorite kind of insect was, they’d probably say wasps. Some of them might say spiders but spiders are not technically insects. Wasps are frankly terrifying. They fly through the air and sting you. If you’re thinking of having a backyard barbecue, you probably don’t want a hive of wasps on your deck, shed, or anywhere else on the exterior of your home.

In addition, wasps are very protective of their nests. While removing a wasps’ nest is easier than other forms of extermination, it can also be more dangerous for those without the proper training. For homeowners, falls from ladders and trips to the emergency are not uncommon.

Pointe Pest Control can safely remove wasps’ nests from your house, backyard furniture, shed, garage, or attic. Our technicians are trained to deal with wasps and have the proper training and equipment. Before you get up on the ladder yourself or try to hose it down, give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment.

Common Types of Wasps in the State of Washington

In the State of Washington, you will commonly find three different types of wasp. Those are:

  • Paper wasps,
  • Yellowjackets, and
  • Bald-faced hornets.

Of those, bald-faced hornets are the most aggressive and yellowjackets are most common. Many of those who are stung by “bees” are actually stung by yellowjackets. While paper wasps are considered the least aggressive, like all wasps, they will desperately and viciously defend their homes if attacked.

Wasps’ nests should be taken care of quickly. They are not safe for pets, children, or even adults to be around.

Knowing Your Enemy

Wasps are friends to no one in the animal kingdom outside of one another. Unlike bees, they do not do pollinate flowers nor do they make delectable honey. Instead, they hunt bees and other insects and some breeds of wasps deposit their larva in beetles essentially using the beetle as an incubator. When they grow large enough, the beetle explodes and the larvae feast on what’s left of the beetle. Wasps are horrible creatures.

Wasps are considered insects in the order hymenoptera and suborder apocrita. Yellowjackets, which are closely related to bees, often get confused with bees because both have a characteristic yellow. Wasps consume both other insects and the nectar of plants.

Wasps are also more dangerous than bees. Unlike bees, they do not leave their stinger behind meaning that one wasp can sting you over and over again without dying. When there’s a swarm of them attacking you, the situation can be quite dangerous—even deadly.

Wasps are remarkably protective of their nests. They will attack anyone they perceive as a threat to their nest. Homeowners who attempt to remove wasps’ nests themselves often find themselves in the emergency room. We don’t advise that you try to remove an active wasps’ nest on your own.


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Pointe Pest Control Solutions

Why Your Home is a Great Place for a Wasps’ Nest

Your home is probably a great place in general, but wasps like homes because they provide them with a plethora of cozy places to set up their own nests. Garages, decks, and the eaves of your house all provide protection from the elements. Wasps can also build their nests underground.

Be Careful When Dealing with a Wasps’ Nest

Some folks think that they can save themselves a bit of money by swatting at the wasps’ nest with a baseball bad. A wasps’ nest, however, is not a piñata. Yummy chocolates and candy do not fall out of a wasps’ nest. Instead, wasps fly out and attack the first thing they see. That would be you.

Seriously, though, while you may find DIY wasp spray online or at the store, what you won’t find is industrial-grade safety equipment that professional pest control experts use when removing a wasps’ nest. That’s largely because this equipment costs many times what it costs to remove the wasps’ nest professionally. We are also trained to work in tight spaces and on high ladders. You can’t buy that at Walmart either. There’s a lot that can go wrong. You’re better off just hiring an expert to do it.

High-Quality Pest Control in Hood River

Point Pest Control can manage a wasps’ nest safely and efficiently without putting you and your family at risk. Our local wasp control experts will remove the threat to you, your family, and your guests. Give us a call or contact us online and we can set up a time to have the wasps’ nest removed.