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Hood River Spider Control

Keep Unwanted Visitors From Invading Your Home

At the heart of the Columbia River Gorge and only a short drive from Mount Hood, the tallest peak in the state, sits the city of Hood River, the county seat for the Hood River County area. Only an hour or so from Portland, the area is often the destination of visitors who are drawn by its natural beauty and the abundance of wooded trails, scenic camping spots, and water-related activities available.  

Residents who call Hood River home benefit from this tourism industry, but there is one unwelcome guest that often makes an appearance at various times of the year. Surrounded by lush forests and natural waterways on all sides, the area is a magnet for different types of spiders. If you have ever been caught in a web or confronted one in your home or business, you know what an annoyance they can be. At Pointe Pest Control, we help to eliminate these unwanted guests, using eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment while providing a 100 percent guarantee to our customers.  

Dealing with the Fear of Spiders in Your Home

Arachnophobia is the term used to describe an overwhelming fear of spiders and it is a common condition among people of all ages. There are few things creepier than walking out your front door only to step into a spider web, or to see one of these creatures in a cabinet or crawling up a wall.

Unfortunately, spiders are a simple fact of life in our area, with the Oregon Department of Health reporting more than 500 different species. The most common of these include:

  • Hobo spiders: Commonly found in and around the home, these are known as ‘hobos’ as they tend to latch onto people’s belongings, spreading when you move or unpack old boxes in your home. Brown with long, spindly legs, they can be found on floors, walls, inside cabinets, or in your bath or shower.
  • Giant house spiders: Similar to hobo spiders, these also travel from place to place, often spreading when unpacking boxes and belongings during a move. These are also brown but tend to be larger than hobo spiders, particularly the males.
  • Yellow sac spiders: Featuring a distinctive body with pale yellow or green markings, these spiders are often found in patio and garden planters, under rocks or in rock beds, and in bundles of firewood. During cooler weather they are more likely to enter your home, where they hide in silken sacs along the corners of your walls or on windowsills.
  • Black widow spiders: These are one of the most well known and feared of all spider breeds. More commonly found in Southwestern and Eastern Oregon, they are known to ‘hitchhike’ to our area via travelers, people moving, and through shipments of products and goods. They are distinctive for their dark color, large body, and bright red markings.


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Pointe Pest Control Solutions

Providing Relief and Peace of Mind

Being somewhat cautious or fearful when dealing with spiders is reasonable, as a bite from any of the above has the potential to be dangerous to your health. Other common types of spiders found in our area include wolf, cellar, grass, and flower spiders. These can all grow quite large and appear scary, but are generally not inclined to bite. If they do, the effects tend to be minimal. However, your safest bet when dealing with these and other pests in your home or business is to call on the local spider control experts at Pointe Pest Control.

Our Hood River spider control experts not only help eliminate your spider problem, but we also provide you with peace of mind in your home or business. You can trust us to do a thorough job using safe, effective, and eco-friendly treatments, which are designed to eradicate your spider problem once and for all.

One call is all it takes to get our team working on your side. We can provide an honest and open assessment of your home, factory, or office and your spider problem, while clearly outlining the possible solutions and the costs involved. We stand behind our services with a 100 percent guarantee. Once we take on a job, we win the battle every time.  

We Offer High-Quality Pest Control in Hood River

Do not live in fear of spiders or risk your health by exposing yourself to a potentially dangerous spider bite. Contact our Hood River spider control experts at Pointe Pest Control and request a free, no obligation inspection today.