How to Keep From Buggin’ Out with Bed Bug Bites

By February 17, 2017Bedbugs

Bedbug under your bed

You have grown up hearing the phrase, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” This old English phrase may not have had meaning up until now. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Europe was riddled with bed bugs and though people did what they could, most just accepted these insects as a part of life. That phrase that basically meant, “Good luck, you’re probably gonna get bitten anyway” carried into this century and though many people used it, most had never encountered a bed bug. However, in recent years, the incident of bed bug encounters has rapidly multiplied due to factors such as changes in treatments for bed bugs and higher rates of foreign travel. If you have had bed bugs hitchhike home from a hotel with you and are now suffering the affects of their nasty bites, let us help you. Pointe Pest Control will remove them from your home while you care for the aggravating bites they gave you. Check out our infographic packed full of bed bug information.

The nature of a bed bug bite

Most people who have been attacked by bed bugs in the night, wake up in shock when they see their bodies covered in little, red welts. How did this happen? Why didn’t you wake up? The reason bed bugs can feast upon you all night long without disturbing your beauty sleep is because their saliva contains an analgesic property, or a numbing agent that keeps you from feeling their bite and being awoken. Their saliva causes an allergic reaction within your body, which is why it will itch and swell once their numbing component in their saliva wears off. You might notice that the bites are in clusters or groups on various parts of your body. These insects bite you, drink and move to another area close by, which is why you will see their itchy bites in groups.

How to treat the itch

The itch from bed bug bites can drive you mad. Here are a few things you can do to prevent infection and minimize the reaction:

Wash the area with warm, soapy water hopefully removing as much bacteria as possible
Apply calamine lotion or corticosteroid creams either over-the-counter or prescribed by your doctor
Take an oral pain relief medication if the bites cause pain
Consider taking an antihistamine or allergy medication to stop your body’s allergic reaction to the bites
If the bites do not clear up within 1-2 weeks, turn into a severe looking rash or start to ooze, you might be dealing with a severe reaction to the bites and need to be seen by a doctor.

It’s time for immediate professional help

When you need residential bed bug control, Pointe Pest Control is here for you. We have helped thousands of homeowners treat their bed bug problem. When you discover a bed bug problem, you might feel embarrassed or shock but it’s important to understand that bed bugs do not infest only dirty homes. It does not matter how clean your house is, it has human bodies inside and that is what bed bugs want. Trying to get rid of these insects yourself could be a long, lengthy and unsuccessful process. Pointe Pest Control technicians are skilled at getting the job done fast. After a couple treatments and then inspections over the course of the next year to ensure none have been missed, you will see a drastic decline as they disappear from your life completely. Leave the bed bug control to the experts, we are happy to assist you.