Plants That Repel Rodents

By February 27, 2017Rodents


Rodents are one of the most annoying, destructive and hated of all pests. If you have ever had a rodent infestation, you know very well just how expensive the repairs can be. They chew through anything in their path, creating holes, damage and destruction wherever they are infesting. Ever wonder where those missing socks go? If you have a rodent infestation, the “sock monster” could in fact be the rodents rummaging around for soft things for their nest. Your socks are perfect beds for them. Does this sound crazy? Well, it gets worse. They don’t just chew through things, steal your stuff and eat your food—they also spread potentially deadly diseases that could be catastrophic for your family if exposed to these. When you see that rodents have infested, your first thought might be “mouse trap” but traps are not the only way to repel rodents. If you live in a highly populated area for rodents, using nature to deter them might be a good idea.

Nature’s rodent repellant

Just like broccoli might repel a 4 year old, some plants work similarly toward rodents though it is not foolproof. Just like there are some 4 year olds who like broccoli, there are some rodents that won’t be deterred by a few spearmint plants. However, working with your professional rodent control technicians at Pointe Pest Control, these plants could minimize your encounters. Making your home and yard less attractive to them can help your chances of a serious rodent infestation. If you have rubbish piles, overgrown foliage, pet food or boxes and bins they could get into in your garage or shed, this would be like issuing invitations for an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord at your home. Along with keeping your yard, garage and shed clean and free from debris, planting these plants around your home can also help:

  • Peppermint: While us humans enjoy this scent, it is highly distasteful to rodents. Planting peppermint in your flower beds can discourage them from coming near your home. Peppermint oil may also have the same effect if you spritz it around the openings of any door or window.
  • Spearmint: We enjoy this flavor in our toothpastes, rodents despise this powerful smell. In fact, there are many other pests, such as damaging insects, that also dislike this plant so adding some of this to your garden can have many positive consequences.
  • Sagebrush: This may not be the prettiest of all shrubs to plant in your yard, but if you have a rat problem particularly, they hate sagebrush so you might consider planting some in vulnerable areas of your home.
  • Garlic: Garlic breath is known to repel your dinner date but did you know it can also rebuff a rodent? It is a tasty addition to many entrees but rodents despise this vegetable (little known fact that garlic is a vegetable but this an entirely different subject).
  • Marigolds, daffodils, lavender and more: There are flowers that while we enjoy their beauty and sweet smell, the are repugnant to rodents. These particular flowers for rodents are like sulphur or skunk scent to us.
  • Use all your resources

    When it comes to rodent and residential pest control, it is wise to use every resource available to keep your home free of these disease ridden, destructive and incredibly annoying pests. Your friendly pest control technician at Pointe Pest Control will have many suggestions tailored and customized for your home specifically on how to keep pests and rodents at bay. Scheduling routine inspections also ensures that pests have not snuck in under your nose. We are experienced at spotting even those quietest and most hidden of infestations and taking care of them before they become big, expensive problems. Call us today for all your residential pest control needs.