Scholarship Awards

By June 20, 2019Media & News

Pointe Pest Control is always eager to get involved in our communities. Helping students financially is a way for us to lend a hand in the areas that we service. We created our scholarship with the greater goal of bettering the towns where our applicants live. We asked students to do something good for someone else, and then tell us about it. We are always impressed when we read through the things that your local students did for others.

The Pointe Pest Control scholarship application date has passed and we have spent hours combing through the entries. We have chosen three very deserving students to award scholarships to this year.

Cody Wilding was awarded the Idaho scholarship. Cody chose to go to a local laundromat where he left money and soad attached to a washing machine so someone could do their laundry on him. We appreciated Cody’s simplistic approach to making someone’s day a little brighter. 




Taylar Merritt was awarded the Washington scholarship. Taylar has a single mom who works hard and never asks for help. Taylar saw a need and stepped up to help her mom when her family needed it most. We appreciated Taylar’s level of maturity and her ability to see and be aware of her family’s situation. We are proud of Taylar and are happy to help with her college expenses.



Zackary Tanner was awarded the Oregon scholarship. Zackary has spent his senior year mentoring and taking care of a fellow classmates who lives with multiple disabilities. Zackary went out of his way to help his friend with his senior project by teaching him how to fish. Zackary spent hours with his friend and really made a difference in his life. We greatly appreciate people like Zackary and are so happy to help him achieve his college education.