Six Signs You May Have Termites

By June 25, 2019Termites

Termite control experts are trained to look for signs that indicate the presence of termites. But you can do the same. A termite infestation is pretty hard to miss. Ideally, you would catch the activity before they could do serious damage to your home. How can you catch the problem in time? Below, we’ll discuss several ways.

Signs of Termites

#1. Head Banging

No, termites will not attract fans of heavy metal music to your front steps to serenade you. If it was that easy, we’d all be termite experts. However, a recent study shows that termites do respond well to heavy metal music. The study indicated that the worker termites chewed faster when listening to fast rock!

In addition, warrior termites will use their heads to make noises that are loud enough for humans to hear and certainly loud enough to warn other termites. 

Termites are divided into three castes. There are warrior termites, reproductive termites, and worker termites. The job of the warrior termites is to protect the termite nest. They attack when necessary and warn of impending danger. If you hear something coming from your walls, you might have termites.

In addition, the worker termites spend 24 hours a day eating your walls. They don’t take breaks and they don’t sleep. They are responsible for feeding the reproductive termites and the warrior termites who otherwise would not be able to feed themselves. Generally, you can hear them (if there are enough of them).

#2. Flying Termites Mean Serious Trouble

If you see a flying termite, you have a problem. Flying termites are of the reproductive variety. That means there’s a termite nest somewhere in your vicinity that is now ready to go forth and multiply. 

You may also notice the discarded wings of flying termites. This is an even more serious problem because the termites lose their wings after they mate. The termites then find a suitable location for a termite nest and the termite population increases.

#3. Your Home is Rapidly Becoming Aesthetically Displeasing

One of the most unfortunate signs of a termite infestation is termite damage. Termites leave behind a number of characteristic signs. While they prefer wood, it isn’t all they’ll eat. They’ll eat anything that has cellulose in it. That’s their main food source and it includes drywall. Any of the following can indicate a serious termite infestation.

  • Drywall that appears to be drooping or discolored
  • Paint that appears to be peeling or have water damage
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Drywall that appears to have small holes in it
  • Floorboards that appear to buckle underneath you
  • Floorboards that squeak underneath you
  • Wood that appears to be crumbling into dust
  • Windows or doors that no longer open easily

#4. Termite Poop

Are you wondering how a large pile of salt and pepper showed up somewhere inside your home? Well, that probably isn’t salt and pepper. Termite droppings are a sure sign of an infestation on your property. The characteristic leavings are called frass.

#5. Tunnels in Wood

Where do termites live? Some kinds of termites live right in your walls. They need to make it easier for the worker termites to furnish the rest of the colony with food. They will either build underground mud tubes into your home or simply find a dank space on your property to set up shop.

Additionally, termites tend to eat wood from the inside out. In other words, they start in the middle. Hollow sounding wood is a sure sign of an infestation and if you were to remove this wood from the wall, you would notice that there are tiny holes in it just like those you would find in an ant colony.

#6. White Ants!

Those probably aren’t albino ants. Mainly, because there is no such thing as white ants. They’re more likely than not termites. But ants and termites can be very easy to confuse. Here are some ways to tell the difference:

  • Termites are light and creamy in color; They often appear translucent
  • Termites have straight as opposed to bent antennae

Call for Help

If you’re experiencing a termite problem, Pointe Pest Control will be there right away to make sure it’s handled. We will provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation, exterminate the termites, and then try to shore up your defenses so you don’t have a subsequent infestation. Call us today for a free inspection.