Stop Losing Sleep! How to Effectively Treat Bed Bug Infestations

By November 16, 2017Bedbugs


You wake up in the morning itchy and notice a rash on your skin. That’s odd, it wasn’t there the night before. You are puzzled what it might be. But each morning, you wake and notice the “rash” is worse. It isn’t long before you or your doctor suspect the worst. You have bed bugs. You simply cannot live with them. The anxiety knowing you are sleeping with a parasite makes your skin crawl. If you have children, that feeling is compounded by a million. You do not want insects biting your kids at night. You need treatment fast and that can only be done with professional bed bug control. There are specific methods pest control technicians use to remove bed bugs faster than any insecticide you can find at the nearest grocery store. Bed bugs are hard to remove and extremely hardy pests. They are resistant to many types of pest control so that is why you need a professional who knows what they are doing and you will find that with your experienced Pointe Pest Control team.

Methods of successful extermination

You need to take extreme care when treating bed bugs. Homeowners sometimes think spraying insecticide is the best option but bed bugs will hide and squeeze into the tiniest of places, even power outlets, to avoid harm. One of the best ways to treat bed bugs is with heat. The bed bug heat treatment success rate is high because bed bugs die at 113 degrees Fahrenheit. By heating your house to 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit, the bed bugs dehydrate and die. It is definitely the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs because heat penetrates small cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Spray treatments are a good tool but the reason they are ineffective is it cannot reach all the hiding places. You simply cannot coat your entire house and all your belongings in bed bug treatment. The bed bug heat treatment success rate is high because there is nowhere else for the bed bugs to run.

Protecting your belongings and preparing your house

You might be concerned about the safety of your home and possessions if everything inside gets heated to 125 degrees. Will everything be okay? While there are some simple rules and guidelines, the answer to that question is yes. It is important beforehand that you remove as much clutter as possible. Put everything in its place, do laundry, wash dishes, tidy up toys, vacuum all carpet, etc. Here are a few tips to keep your home safe during treatments:

  • Remove people, plants and animals from the home during heat treatment
  • Put anything that will melt such as candles, makeup, crayons, etc. in the refrigerator
  • Remove guns, ammo, aerosols, soft vinyl products, antiques and musical instruments as all can be affected by heat.
  • Place all perishable food, wine, soda pop and chocolate in the refrigerator
  • Take all picture frames off the wall and place on the floor (the heat can melt the glue and cause the frame to fall from the wall)
  • Turn off all electronics and disconnect all smoke detectors
  • Keep all clothing and textile fabrics in the house

By following these rules, you can protect your home and increase the likelihood that all bed bugs will be taken care of. The bed bug extermination success rate when heat treatments are used as part of the bed bug control is remarkably high.

What to expect after treatments

Once your house has been heat treated, you will need to stay away for 4-6 hours and after that, there will be liquid treatments performed. In order to do this, Pointe Pest Control exterminators will need access to everything and clean, open, uncluttered areas. After treatments, you should be bed bug-FREE, unless there is a re-infestation or re-introduction of bed bugs. You might see bed bug activity over the next week or so but any survivors will die off as they are exposed to the liquid treatment. We guarantee our treatments and are happy to provide you with a bed bug-free home. Do not delay, call us today for the most successful, comprehensive bed bug treatments available.