Some of you may be wondering what the big idea is. We come, we spray, but the bugs are still EVERYWHERE!!! The answer is spring.
I’m sure most of us remember when we were kids, and Bambi taught us a thing or two about ‘that’ time in the spring when everybody starts acting funny:

Flower: (two birds flutter around) Well! What’s the matter with them?
Thumper: Why are they acting that way?
Friend Owl: Why, don’t you know? They’re twitterpated.
Flower, Thumper, Bambi: Twitterpated…?
Friend owl: Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. For example: you’re walking along, minding your own business. You’re looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of a sudden you run smack into a pretty face. Woo-woo! You begin to get weak in the knees. Your head’s in a whirl. And then you feel light as a feather, and before you know it, you’re walking on air. And then you know what? You’re knocked for a loop, and you completely lose your head!
Thumper: Gosh, that’s awful.


Although humorous, they did get one thing right. When the weather gets warmer, the crawly things get swarmier… Seriously though, during this time of year insects begin to mate, and they are all looking for a nice place to set up shop for the year ahead. Swarms tend to happen when the weather is warm, the wind speed is low, and it isn’t too humid. It’s really quite spectacular that based on these environmental queues, insects in the same relative area will begin to seek a mate at roughly the same time with no communication between the colonies. This usually only lasts for a couple of single days during the spring and shouldn’t be cause for concern.

So, moral of the story is, thanks Disney, for teaching us about things that we didn’t even know we didn’t know. And if you would rather not deal with the swirling, stinging pest swarm, we would be happy to eradicate your issues for you. Give us a call and one of our experienced technicians could be out to your house as early as today to do a free inspection!

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