When Wasps Go Wild

Have you ever wondered why wasps attack? Sometimes there can be a sizable colony, and they won’t do anything to you even if you wander past their nest. Other times, it seems like they are out for vengeance and are taking all their rage out on your unsuspecting skin. Your friends at Pointe Pest Control want you to be safe from stinging wasps. When it comes to wasp control, we are your solution for a no-wasp flying zone.

Heat and Moisture

Wasp aggression levels can be tied back to heat and water. During the summer when things get hot, wasps become more irritable. They are in a frenzy to bring enough food and water back to the colony to feed their larva. If you add in a drought, they become even more agitated. During the summer, it is best to avoid wasp nests. If you find a nest under the eaves of your home, or in the bushes, stay back. Wasps use alarm pheromones to signal the whole colony to attack. If they feel threatened or angry, they will be coming after you. When you want wasp control, you need Pointe Pest Control.

Different Species

There are a lot of wasps. Most of them are not equipped with stingers and will never even think to bother you. Other species will come after you without any provocation. Paper wasps are the type that builds the paper like colonies under the eaves of your home. They will sting if threatened. Unlike honey bees, wasps can sting you multiple times. Yellow jackets will sting you for no reason. They build their nests underground in old rodent dens or sprinkler boxes. If you get to close to their nest you will find yourself in a whirlwind of stingers and biting mandibles. Yellow jackets sting and bite. You should be extremely cautious around yellow jacket nests. Instead of taking the risk of getting stung, you can use your cellphone to call Pointe Pest Control. We are serious about wasp control.

Avoiding the Stingers

From honey bees to wasps and yellow jackets, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of getting stung.
• Avoid bright colored clothing: Bees and wasps are attracted to bright colors because many of them consume the nectar from flowers. Their vision extends into the ultraviolet range and if they think you are a flower, they are going to come in to investigate.
• Avoid perfume and cologne: If you are going to be spending time outside, don’t wear things that have a lot of smell. Remember, flowers use smells to attract attention. If you don’t like wasps, then make sure you don’t smell like a flower.
• Take care while swimming: A lot of stings occur while people are swimming. If a wasp lands in your swimming pool, it cannot escape and it will be angry. If you come up out of the water and the wasp grabs onto you, the chances are high that you will get stung.
• Call Pointe Pest Control: One of the best ways to prevent stings is to give us a call. Our technicians will find and eliminate the wasps that have made your yard into their home. When you want the best in wasp control, call Pointe Pest Control.