Year Round Rodent War

By July 28, 2014Rodents

Rats and mice. People shiver in disgust at even the thought of a rodent. If you see one in your house, disgust turns to panic. According to the Center for Disease Control, rats and mice can directly transmit eleven diseases to people. That means there are eleven nasty diseases ready to invade your body if you touch surfaces or food contaminated by Mortimer Mouse. It gets worse. Rodents carry ticks, fleas, and mites. When these insects lose track of their primary host, they’ll come looking for the next juicy target. This type of contact is referred to as indirect. You can add on another fifteen diseases because of indirect transmission. With twenty-six illnesses lurking, your family’s health is in peril.

If you have an infestation in or around your home, take a deep breath and get ready to declare war. Timing is vital. Depending on the time of year, your strategies should change. During the summer, mice numbers are increasing and rat colonies expand. Watch out for winter, because, like you, rodents love the warmth of your home. Below are some methods that will help decrease your chances for an infestation depending on the season.

Summer Combat

Summer warmth makes a great excuse to take your battle outdoors. Arm yourself with a medium Sharpie. Take a tour around your home; any hole or crack larger than the Sharpie is a welcome mat for Mickey. Pay particular attention to places where gas and water lines enter your home. You can patch up small holes with steel wool and caulk. If you notice a large hole, use cement, metal sheeting, or lath screen. Don’t forget to check your trailer; camping should not involve furry friends either.

Next, turn your attention to the yard. If you have compost, turn it, so any fresh food is buried. It’s sad, but every war has casualties. Your debris pile and junk will have to go. Load up the trailer; it’s time to get rid of nesting sites, all your yard trash must go.

Winter Warfare

When cold weather looms, take your campaign inside. It’s time to hit the rodents where it hurts most, their tummies. Your next weapons are the vacuum and broom. If food spills, don’t wait to clean it up. Make sure all your dishes are washed after every meal. Keep all of you food reserves in plastic containers. If you have pets, don’t leave their food out at night. Take the rodents water sources away as well; fix your leaky faucets.

Bring in the Specialists

Prevention will only get you so far. If rodents have already made it into your home, it’s time to bring in the professional eradicators. One call to Pointe Pest Control can change the outcome of your war. Our technicians are certified and know how to target the invaders. We specialize in furry intruder removal. Our arsenal is extensive and we’ll work with you to permanently win the war. Don’t let mice, rats, voles, squirrels and the diseases they carry destroy your health and home.

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