The Dangerous Pests in Your Attic

Your attic is one area of your home that sees little to no traffic, activity or light. You might use the space as storage or you might never go up there at all, but regardless, it is typically a minimally used area of the home. Because of this, homeowners are often unaware of growing pest infestations in the attic. Pests are able to reproduce, nest and grow their colonies uninhibited and usually with little fear of being found out because it’s not like you are likely to walk past them. As their family grows however, you might notice little noises in your attic. Initially, you might think you are imagining it, but never take noises in your attic lightly. In fact, your attic is the one area of your home where regular pest inspections are imperative. Spiders, wasps, rodents and a number of other pests can infest your attic for many months or even years at a time without raising suspicions of the homeowner. It is important to know what the signs of attic infestation are so you can get rid of them before the problem causes extensive damage or costs you a great deal in repairs.


Common pests that infest in your attic

Keeping your home safe from infestations requires constant dedication. Periodically checking your attic for signs of infesting pests is a good place to start. Listening for noises in your attic is also important. Do not dismiss the slightest scuffle up there. As infestations grow, the noises become more apparent. There are many types of pests that infest in your attic. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Rodents: This is a big one. Rodents love that your attic is quiet and dark. They can get away with much more in this area of your home. They chew through insulation, fibers and electrical wires, causing huge problems. If they’ve found a way into your attic, it won’t be long before they find a way into the rooms of your home, particularly your kitchen, for some sustenance. They can squeeze through the tiniest of holes or make them bigger with their strong teeth and jaws. They reproduce rapidly so a couple rodents can turn into dozens or hundreds within a short period of time.
  • Ants: Have you ever wondered how a crumb can fall to the floor within a few minutes there are literally hundreds of ants all over that crumb? Ants have extremely sensitive senses and communicate to each other through pheromones. As they spread through your house, your attic is one area they congregate.
  • Bees and wasps: This insect gets into your home through openings in the roof or home from the outside. Once inside your attic, bees and wasps begin building their nest or hive. For the most part, they are relatively quiet at first but as their hive grows, you might hear buzzing in your ceiling. Being observant around your home and watching for an increase in bees or wasps, as well as them coming and going from areas around the eaves of your roof is a good sign they’re infesting in your attic.
  • Bats: Bats only need an opening the size of ⅜ inch. They love your attic because it’s quiet and dark. Sometimes they make squeaking sounds but homeowners notice their presence from their pungent odor. Their droppings accumulate quickly and smell foul. Since they are nocturnal, homeowners might not notice them for awhile since the majority of their activity, happens while you sleep.
  • Large animals: Possums are another animal that commonly infest in attics. It may surprise you, but if they can find an opening in your roof, these animals can be a terrible problem. Once in your attic, they cause a terrible amount of damage.
  • Spiders: Spiders enjoy your attic because it’s dark and quiet, but if you have other tiny insects up there too, it is a good hunting ground and place for food. They can lay their egg sacs in peace and when they hatch, the hundreds of spiders that produce from that tiny sac, begin the start of an arachnid nightmare in your attic.

Never let your guard down

When it comes to pest infestations, you need a trusted team of experts to keep your home safe and protected. Pointe Pest Control is highly experienced in all types of pest infestations. By scheduling routine inspections, we can ensure that every inch of your home is pest free year round, from the attic to the basement and all around your yard. Call us today for a thorough attic inspection and greater peace of mind.