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Medford Ant Control Helps Bring Zen to Your Home

Living in Medford, Oregon has some serious perks. First off, there’s so much to do. Crater Lake is a lake in an inactive volcano that provides many of outdoor activities, Rogue River is a really popular site for white water rafting and Table Rock is one of the best hiking spots in the state. Oh but that’s not all! Grab some gourmet desserts at the famous Harry and David bakery and fruit store after you’ve spent the day perusing through Medford’s many adorable boutiques. The dining options are endless and the fun is ever present, but it’s always nice to come home to your cozy house in one of Medford’s quiet, safe neighborhoods. But if you find ants having a picnic in your kitchen, nothing makes homeowners more agitated. Ants are one of the most annoying pests you can get in your house. There are a few types of ants like the dark rover ant, the odorous ant and the pharaoh ant, just to name a few, that typically invade homes. The most annoying aspect of ants is that there are so many of them and you can never seem to get them all or figure out where they are coming from. A crumb drops on your floor and suddenly the ant battalion sounds and a million ants are under your table. Medford ant control is the answer to solving this mess.

It’s not just nuisance, some ants cause damage

You might think, “Well, it’s just ants. They might annoy me but at least they won’t hurt anything.” Think again. Let’s not even get into the harm they do to your mental state when you are finding ants swimming in your honey jar or getting into your box of crackers, some ants actually do physical damage to your home. The carpenter ant is a nightmare for homeowners. They don’t need to see their way into their home, they use pheromones to signal each other and before you know it, they are in your walls. Oh, but you don’t know it.

Because carpenter ants are rather quiet infesters. Unlike termites, where you can hear them chewing your walls, carpenter ants only make a light rustling. They don’t eat the wood, they chew through and tunnel into it. If at any time you find flying ants in your house, this is just a phase of their life cycle. If ever you find flying ants in your home, you need to be worried. By the time the infestation is found, you could have real damage within your walls. Though it’s not as severe as termites, all those tunnels and grooves can weaken the structure over time.


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They won’t go away on their own

One thing that is for sure, ants will not go away on their own. In fact, ants colonies have a very long lifespan. In carpenter ants alone, the queen herself can live up to 25 years. So you can see, a carpenter ant colony can live for decades and decades. You cannot hope this infestation will go away on its own. You desperately need professional Medford ant control to get rid of this infestation. Homeowners sometimes think they can DIY an infestation of this type but that is a terrible idea. With limited knowledge in the habits of carpenter ants, or any ant species for that matter, you can actually make the problem worse. It’s like spraying a fire with lighter fluid. Trying to get rid of an ant infestation alone can often scatter the colony in a several directions, thus creating new colonies and more ants. Professional ant control from Pointe Pest Control is the right direction you should go. Our expert technicians know how to remove the infestation without causing panic in the colony. We can remove the infestation effectively the first time. Depending on how bad the infestation is, it might take several treatments. To keep them away for good, routine inspections are vital to ensure your home is ant free year round.

Pointe Pest Control offers experienced assistance

We have removed hundreds of ant infestations over the years and our customers are extremely important to us. Making sure you get the best service possible is our goal. We want to help you keep a pest free home, we can answer all your questions and help you feel happier in your home. When ants aren’t imposing on your kitchen sanctuary, you will feel less stressed and happier in your home.

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