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Preventing Infestations with Medford Rodent Control

Medford, Oregon is a very cultured town, filled with diverse dining, shopping and touring experiences. Wine tasting at the 2 Hawk Vineyard and Winery followed by an All Aboard Trolley Tour through Medford is a truly unique experience you can’t find anywhere else. The list of culinary delights when you are craving a delicious evening out is varied and enticing. How about a chocolate rubbed steak at Cicily’s Pastaria & Grill, ending with a perfect pastry at the Artisan Bakery Cafe? Truffles at Branson’s Chocolates? Gourmet sandwiches at Grape Street Bar? A fully loaded pizza slice at Jackson Creek Pizza? Whatever you are in the mood for, you will find it and more at the many sumptuous dining options in Medford. But where you find good food, there you will also find rodents, waiting to take a bite out the pie. Whether it be residential or business rodent control, you need to be careful in Medford because though this town is incredible, it is not immune to rodent problems.

Your house is veritable smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord

Anyone who is anyone remembers the scene in Charlotte’s Web where Templeton roams the empty fairgrounds gorging himself on all the leftover treats and garbage. While this is humorous exaggeration, it’s not far off. Rodents, if left to their own devices and uninhibited by humans, will eat and destroy whatever they can get their paws on. While you are out trying Medford’s vast selection of incredible food, rodents could be sampling all the delights in your cupboard

But what the cartoons leave out is the cold, hard truth…that as Templeton is eating everything in sight, he is also urinating and defecating every few feet. This is what happens when rodents get into your home. Rodents have small bladders and dribble urine as they travel through your home. After you find that rodents have infested your home, this fact alone is very disturbing when you realize how much urine has dripped throughout your home. And if that isn’t bad enough, by coming in contact with rodent urine or feces, you can actually become infected by potentially deadly and dangerous rodent borne diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis.


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Rodents infest clean houses too

Finding out you have a rodent infestation can feel very embarrassing but know that it doesn’t matter the cleanliness of your home, anyone can become victim to a rodent infestation. Medford rodent control is important for every home. Cluttered homes have only one benefit to a rodent and that is more hiding places. This just means that if a house is cluttered, it could take longer to find a rodent problem. Every house has food to steal, garbage cans to rummage through and soft, cozy clothes and paper they can shred to make a nest for all their hundreds of babies. Rodents can get into your home any number of ways. If your garage is open for even a second, a freezing, opportunist mouse might run into out of the cold. You didn’t see that though and the mouse hides. Oh and it’s a pregnant mouse, by the way. She will have babies in a cozy spot in the corner after she’s shredded some of your newspapers. Those mice grown quickly and guess what, they start reproducing with each other. They are not above this. Brother and sister mice will mate and start the process over again. It is very easy to get a rodent infestation. Routine Medford rodent control is essential.

Routine rodent inspections for your home or business

You pay and sacrifice so much for your home or business and one bad rodent infestation can financially devastate you. Rodents not only contaminate your food, they destroy your possessions and do extreme damage within the walls of your home. The cost to repair these damages can amount to the thousands of dollars. Professional rodent control is a valuable to your home in many ways but especially financially. Everyone always thinks, “That won’t happen to me” until it does. Pointe Pest Control’s friendly team of experts know how to spot rodent instructions when they start and how to keep them out in the first place. We can help you recognize where the problem spots are and how to avoid their entrance into your home, garage and shed. Call us today for the most reliable rodent control in Medford.

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