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Struggling With Termite Problems? Our
Missoula Termite Control Experts Are Here To Help

Missoula residents are fortunate to have easy access to trails and densely wooded forests while still enjoying all the conveniences that go along with living in one of Montana’s largest cities. The one problem is an abundance of pests. Termites are among the most common and can cause major destruction. At Pointe Pest Control, our Missoula termite control experts are here to help residential and commercial property owners address this serious problem. 

Common Types of Termites In Missoula

Subterranean termites are one of the most common household pests in Missoula. As the name implies, they live underground in colonies that often number in the tens of thousands. They can quickly infest your home through cracks or gaps in your foundation. Once inside, they feed on wood beams, posts, and other structures, working their way up through walls and crawlspaces. 

Subterranean termites in Missoula can be found year-round, with different species more active in certain months or seasons. This includes:  

  • Arid-land subterranean termite, which is most active during the change of seasons and in daylight hours of spring and fall;
  • Eastern subterranean termite, which is a common problem throughout the months of  March to May;
  • Western subterranean termite, which is found in rainy seasons and often plaques property owners in fall, winter, or early spring.

All three of these species can easily go undetected, causing a major amount of damage to your home or business property in just a short amount of time. In fact, it is estimated that termites cost property owners more in damages than flooding, fires, and storms combined.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Termites In Missoula?

In some cases, termites may appear as small, winged ants, black or brown in color and up to one inch in length with clear or opalescent wings. These are generally reproductive termites, responsible for populating the colony. Worker and soldier termites, the ones most likely to feast on floorboards, beams, and other wooded areas in your home, are generally less than half an inch long and white in appearance. By the time you spot these, often in your walls, you most likely have a complete infestation. In many cases, you may see some telltale signs of a termite infestation rather than actually spotting this pest. These include: 

  • Small mud tubes in and around your home’s foundation;
  • Hollowed wood, holes, or areas that crumbled when poked at;
  • Fine dust that has the appearance of salt and pepper appearance, which is termite droppings;
  • Distorted or discolored drywall, peeling paint, or buckling floorboards, all common signs of termite damage. 

Termites are good at going undetected for long periods, causing damage in often hidden areas. Rather than wait for obvious signs of a termite infestation, it is better to have Pointe Pest Control conduct periodic termite inspections. Our Missoula termite control experts know exactly where to look for signs of damage and can take the swift actions needed to locate and eliminate the colony. 

Why It Is Important To Contact Our Missoula Termite Control Team Right Away

Many people pride themselves on handling home repair and maintenance tasks on their own. While there are over-the-counter products that are advertised to eliminate termites, they are typically not effective in eliminating the problem and often contain potentially harmful chemicals that can put you, your children, and your pets at risk. 

If you suspect an infestation or just want peace of mind, your best course of action is to call in our Missoula termite control professionals. We can save you both time and money in addressing the situation, minimizing the amount of damage termites can cause in your home or other property. With a trusted reputation in the community and decades’ worth of experience on our side, you can count on Pointe Pest Control to provide the following:  

  • Fast, friendly service, which includes an immediate response to your call;
  • An in-depth inspection of your property, identifying places termites are most likely to hide;
  • An explanation of problem areas, pointing out damages that need to be repaired or replaced;
  • An individualized treatment plan, which includes setting up baits and monitoring their activity until the colony is eliminated;
  • A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which provides you with the assurance of knowing you are completely protected. 
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