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The Incredibly Amazing Ant

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While you might hate the fact that ants will invade your kitchen whenever you spill a few crumbs, you have to admit that ants are pretty amazing. While professional ant control from Pointe Pest Control will get the ants out of your home, ants are on earth to stay. They…

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Best Place to Work in Idaho

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We are proud of the POINTE team, the hard workers they are and making it a great environment to work in. Pointe Pest Control was awarded the #2 Best Place to Work in Idaho! Employee surveying and winner selection are conducted by POPULUS, an independent marketing and HR research organization. We are fanatical...
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Carpenter Ants 101

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Ants are considered one of the most annoying nuisance pests you can have in your home. They infest in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and anywhere food or water is found. The difference between regular black ants and carpenter ants is that carpenter ants actually do damage to your home….

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Plants That Repel Rodents

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Rodents are one of the most annoying, destructive and hated of all pests. If you have ever had a rodent infestation, you know very well just how expensive the repairs can be. They chew through anything in their path, creating holes, damage and destruction wherever they are infesting. Ever wonder…

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